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“Lalume, meaning light, works to reflect your own luminous beauty.” 

Lalume is the latest creative expression of Hannah-Lee whose fine jewelry creates a gentle touch of timeless femininity to any outfit. As a qualified Aromatherapist, the designs are influenced by elements of nature evident in the delicate blends of florals and intricate detailing. Hannah has also worked extensively within the fashion industry, moving from LA to working in NYC and now back to her home town of Brisbane, Aus where she discovered her passion lay most with jewelry design and development.

 “I first envision images of jewelry in my mind and then quickly and spontaneously begin sketching when creativity sparks. It has been a wild process for me, watching the pieces come to light in real life” 

Above all, the inspiration is derived from the women the pieces are designed for.

“It is about the beauty of simply being a woman and how we represent our identity,  especially in a way when we can feel our most luminous selves.”